Heartbreak reviews, new dates releasetour

We got a great response and some nice reviews since we released our single Heartbreak. It got decent airplay on a few local and indie radiostations and Leo Blokhuis, a Dutch music connaisseur, gave it a glowing review on twitter. WoNo Magazine published a cool review in English of both the new single and our 2013 debut album The Maureens.

We are also pleased to add a few more dates to our releasetour:

- Concerto [in store gig], Amsterdam, September 19th

- Festival de Oversteek, Lent, September 20th

- Plato Planet Festival, Oosterpoort Groningen, September 27th

- JVC De Schuit, Katwijk (with Alamo Race Track), October 31th

You can check our full schedule right here.