Pre-order 'Bang the Drum' available worldwide!

Slowly but surely the releasedate for Bang the Drum is getting closer and closer... we'll release the album exactly one month from now!

Our USA distributor, Kool Kat Musik, has published a pre-order offer on their site. So, if you're from the USA and you'd like to grab your copy as soon as possible you can place your order here.

If you are in the Netherlands, Belgium or elsewhere in Europe we are sure that Platomania or will be able to assist. They offer both the vinyl and cd version of Bang the Drum on a pre-order basis as well. If none of these vendors ship to your country just drop us a line and we'll hook you up ourselves!



Heartbreak reviews, new dates releasetour

We got a great response and some nice reviews since we released our single Heartbreak. It got decent airplay on a few local and indie radiostations and Leo Blokhuis, a Dutch music connaisseur, gave it a glowing review on twitter. WoNo Magazine published a cool review in English of both the new single and our 2013 debut album The Maureens.

We are also pleased to add a few more dates to our releasetour:

- Concerto [in store gig], Amsterdam, September 19th

- Festival de Oversteek, Lent, September 20th

- Plato Planet Festival, Oosterpoort Groningen, September 27th

- JVC De Schuit, Katwijk (with Alamo Race Track), October 31th

You can check our full schedule right here.



Our new single Heartbreak was released today!

We are proud to present Heartbreak, the first single from our upcoming album Bang the DrumHeartbreak is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud:



International Pop Overthrow Festival, The Cavern, Liverpool UK

Because we all needed a short holiday break we flew to Liverpool UK on May 15th to perform at the IPO Festival in the Beatles Cavern Club. We had good fun in the streets with a seemingly infinite amount of alcohol-saturated stag- and henparties, intoxicated locals garbling about in incomprehensible accents and numerous somewhat bewildered looking tourists. Still we pulled off two good shows in front of a nice and enthousiastic crowd.

Diederik Nomden aka. Royal Parks traveled with us and made quite an impression with his solo performances as well. The atmosphere and vibe in the cellars and backstage was very friendly and we got to meet some nice musicians and visitors from all over the world. We hope to perform again at this festival next year!


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