Four Stars and 8/10: album reviews are coming in!

Several Dutch magazines reviewed our album already: Music Maker Magazine awarded us with 4/5 stars, as did Lust for Life. The Strutter blog rated the album at 8.2/10 in this (written in English) review, while PlatoMania went for a straight eight. We are grateful and happy people seem to like our album.

We are also happy to report that The Maureens will feature on some live radio broadcasts, both local and national. We'll keep you posted!

Last but not least we were given 'Album of the Month' status by Thistime, our Japanese distributor. Thanks!



Our second single: 'September'

We hope you'll enjoy this song! Stream it on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud!



New tour dates, New single, Oor Magazine

Two weeks before the release of the Bang the Drum album all kinds of things are cooking at the Maureens HQ. Our releasetour got extended with some more dates so we've updated our tour poster. Do pay us a visit if you are around!

Friday, 28th of August we'll release the second single of the Bang the Drum album. It's called 'September' and if you are into church organs, pedalsteel and vocal harmonies you might just like it.

To top it all Dutch music magazine OOR gave us a full page in their August issue. You can find the original spread and an English translation here.



Pre-order 'Bang the Drum' available worldwide!

Slowly but surely the releasedate for Bang the Drum is getting closer and closer... we'll release the album exactly one month from now!

Our USA distributor, Kool Kat Musik, has published a pre-order offer on their site. So, if you're from the USA and you'd like to grab your copy as soon as possible you can place your order here.

If you are in the Netherlands, Belgium or elsewhere in Europe we are sure that Platomania or will be able to assist. They offer both the vinyl and cd version of Bang the Drum on a pre-order basis as well. If none of these vendors ship to your country just drop us a line and we'll hook you up ourselves!


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